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Italian custom shirts

Undoubtedly a handmade shirt to measure provides us with a comfort and security which reflects our style and taste, that is to say, your personality.

There are many factors that influence this concept:
Choosing the neck model, English, French, Italian …, knowing that the shoulder seams are where we want them to be, the sleeve length is correct so that centimetres come out from the jacket, your chest and waist are comfortable and to your taste and that the total length of the sleeve is the correct one …
Italian custom shirts 2
It is a delight to button an Australian pearl button in a hand sewn buttonhole. The choice of fabrics, whether plain or fancy, allows the creation of our creativity in bringing together a suit or a blazer.

Finally, a small space dedicated to the precious work of the artisan, who has cut and sewn the shirt with his hands, and makes wearing a shirt like wearing a work of art.